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Our products you can find in these stores:

Delta Maxi Delta Maxi

Tempo Tempo

Metro Metro

Mini maxi Mini maxi

C market C market

Pekabeta Pekabeta

Merkator Merkator

Idea Idea

Veropoulos Veropoulos

Interex Interex

...and in all well supplied retail and wholesale stores.

Most part of production and import we place to a big chain stores like: Delta Maxi, Merkator, Idea, Metro, Veropoulos, Interex...

"Moc prirode komerc" in it's program has conserved program produced from fresh, ripe tomato, pepper and cucumber yields.

If you want to save your time and provide quality winter food to you and your family, BUY HEALTHY AND WELL - 100% natural without preservative. Winter feeding is not poorly, but it is different then in other year seasons. Winter feeding can provide enough vitamins and minerals intake too. From our products you can make different types of meals, and prepare diverse delicious meals.